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NCM is the largest provider of government contacts in Canada and maintains a database of over one million US Federal and State Government employees.

NCM has developed proprietary software to target our databases by multiple key word selections across more than one field of information. Our clients are very happy because they are able modify our suggested list and include their own list of key words. The end result is a very useful targeted list.

NCM List Services Division provides a complete personalized service which includes:

Data warehousing (Customizing data for maximum exposure and usefulness – customization of programs to generate specialized spreadsheet reports )

Marketing (Preparing rate card and promotional material – Listing with direct marketing industry directories and online search engines – marketing to list brokers, agencies, direct marketing companies and targeted businesses)

Order Fulfillment (researching the client’s requirements – running a custom search to extract useful targeted data – preparing data in client requested format – preparing field layout – zipping and shipping data to customer

Accounting (invoicing and collecting from client – preparation of sales report)

To view a listing of all NCM managed files click here.

NCM is looking for other complimentary quality lists to manage. For further information on having your list managed by NCM please contact:

Nigel Marsh
NCM List Services Division
416-241-4000 ext 221 (Canada)
1-888-NCMLIST (626-5478) (US)
email: [email protected]

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